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Damir Korpar

Team Leader / Backend Developer

Although his work is Backend, he’s passionate about Frontend and Design where everything needs to be simple and tidy.

His master’s degree in Computer Science from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and self- learning from Adobe tools, HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, jQuery to PHP, MySQL and Magento showed him the way to Inchoo. After work, Damir likes to stay in the loop with today’s technology by reading work related literature about new, interesting and modern development solutions.

He enjoys water sports, biking, new adventures and exploring the architecture- what was his second choice when choosing a college. He can’t decide who has better architecture, Dubai or London, but one is sure, he loves to experience new cities and cultures so he seizes every opportunity for a getaway. When he was little, his dream was to become an astronaut.

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Magento Coding Standards

Everyone has their own style of writing code and there’s always a debate which one’s is the correct one or which one’s makes the most sense. For that reason rules are brought that need to be followed that define code standards and enhance source code readability.
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