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Matej Djakovic

Frontend Developer

Matej Djakovic

Frontend Developer

Matej is a Frontend Developer who is passionate about many things, and Wordpress, Symfony 2 and Magento are certainly among them.

Originally, he started out as an economist. From high school to college, no matter the effort, it was love which was just not bound to happen. After discovering the world of web development, he dedicated his free time to getting a degree from a local educational institution regarding that subject.

While he has a certain number of webshops in his portfolio, he is devoted to improving his skills on every level - that's why he made and now runs a small portal about an even smaller village in Slavonija.

In his spare time, he is enthusiastic about sports - not the extreme kind (even though he broke some bones in the past), but about football (league: unknown).

Also, wouldn't you like to hear him play? Yes, he also does that.

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Don’t Mess with the Magento 2 Checkout Mar 29, 2017 | Posted in Magento 2

Hello! Do you hate editing Magento Checkout? I know how you feel… 😀

The checkout in Magento 2 is built up from a series of Knockout JS components which are then rendered using the Knockout JS templating system. Magneto 2 defines each one of these components and their parent/child relationship in a large XML file which can be extended or overridden in your own theme or module. Continue reading