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Toni Anicic

eCommerce Consultant

Toni Anicic

eCommerce Consultant

When he was young, Toni wanted to be computer science professor, but when he saw their salary he decided to make his living from another IT branch, so he’s now an eCommerce Consultant at ICG (Inchoo Consulting Group) where he’s improving client’s sales results by giving them actionable advice based on his previous experience with over 100 different clients.

As a past freelance web designer and blogger, Toni had one of the most popular blogs in the region on the topic of web design and SEO. One of his earlier jobs was as Technical SEO Strategist, where he was working with large clients as Virgin, MTV, ABC and others.

Among other things, Toni often lectured on international conferences related to SEO topics. His passion is professional gaming so he’s often watching League of Legends tournaments. A big fan of home-brewed beer and billiards.

  • Magento Certified Solution Specialist
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google AdWords Search Certified
  • Google Adwords Mobile Certified
  • Google AdWords Video Certified
  • Google AdWords Shopping Certified
  • Google AdWords Display Certified

Latest posts by Toni Anicic

This is why our clients never get penalized by Google May 05, 2017 | Posted in Online Marketing

Often, during an SEO audit, we figure out that the store that came to us for the audit suffered a manual or an algorithmical penalty from Google which resulted in a significant loss of organic traffic.

During the years we got pretty experienced in removing such penalties and getting the website back on the right track for clients that listened to our advice.

But, did you know our own clients who have a consulting retainer with us never got penalized by Google?

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