We have a new design

Bye bye old site! Today we launched a new design where we wanted to make the text more readable, interesting and also we wanted to invite you, our dear visitors to contact us if you need some help with your projects.  We do hope you will like the new design as much as we do.  Inchoo has over 21.000 monthly visitors according to Google Analytics and a 15-30% monthly growth. We hope this trend will continue in the future and that you will keep coming back.

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IE6 update: A hat trick.

The guys from “Done21” presented an ingenious way of “upgrading” your visitor’s IE 6 to IE 8.

This much needed change for everyone is available at their site as an add-on for the web page using some jQuery magic and obvious good style copying of that infamous IE yellow-bar.

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Forums and Social Media Marketing

For the past few days there has been some open discussions around the web professional communities about the role of forums in modern internet marketing. It appears that new marketers strongly underestimate the power of forums and look at them as an old marketing tool that will soon be extinct.

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Top 3 mistakes by Magento beginners

First of all, let me inform you that this article is for those of you who are just starting with Magento. If you are a Magento expert, you will probably know this.  Consider it just a reminder for those who use Magento for first time. There are three common mistakes that most people do when they try to use Magento for first time, so read this article and you won’t be one of them.:)

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Magento module development, building interface with config file and reusing config values

Huh, this is a long title. To bad I could not fit extra more into it :). Extending admin interface in Magento can be a tedious task. Unlike WordPress where you have a thing or two to setup then the rest of it comes to good old HTML forms and stuff, Magento requires completely different approach. Magento uses xml configuration files to build parts of admin interface needed for your custom module.

In this article I will show you how to “understand and read” existing config.xml files in order to build interface and at the end, how to read the values stored in admin backend. After all, that’s the point of admin interface, you setup some stuff, write some values, then you use those values across your site where certain functionality is needed.

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Magento site owners: Get serious, focus on what matters the most

For the last year or so I have been actively involved in online store development based on Magento ECOMMERCE platform. Everyone involved in Magento development can tell you that Magento extensively uses OOP approach. Although not everyone will agree, I like the way platform has been architectured in the backend. Layouts and config files enable you great deal of power without even writing a line of PHP code. Its not perfect, but what is. I believe most of you heard the “cliche”: “With great power comes great responsibility”. Let’s discuss this in regards to Magento.

There is a plain and simple message I wish to shout to current and future owners of Magento powered online stores: “Get serious, focus on what matters the most!“.

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Observer pitfalls of building serious modules in Magento

Unlike good old WordPress that “every kid in the block” knows how to create a plugin for, Magento is a whole new system. It requires extensive knowledge of OOP, ORM’s, MVC, and few other stuff. This is why not “every kid in the block” can write a module for Magento, and this is why I love it. However, unlike WordPress, Drupal and other community driven systems out there who keep in mind backward compatibility things with Magento things are a bit different.

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How to fully disable (turn off) Magento module

Although the title might sound silly and so easy, there are lot of people having difficulties with this. At first turning Magento module can be easy as going trough System Configuration > Current Configuration Scope > Advanced > Advanced > Disable Module Output. However, be very careful, this action only disables module output as it says. If your module uses, let’s say some Observer functionality to hook into some part of the system and does some overriding then those actions won’t be disabled.

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Magento, price helper code snippet

Here is a little code snippet as requested from one of my readers :). Hope you find it useful.

$_coreHelper = $this->helper(’core’);
$_taxHelper = $this->helper(’tax’);
$_finalPriceInclTax = $_taxHelper->getPrice($_product, $_product->getFinalPrice(), true);
$_finalPriceInclTaxNicelyFormated = $_coreHelper->currency($_finalPriceInclTax,true,false);
echo $_finalPriceInclTaxNicelyFormated;
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