Access denied – Magento module error

I believe that most of you building custom Magento module came across this error “Access denied” when trying to view their module output in Magento administration. I just lost around an hour trying to find my way around this one. Note, this is far from my first Magento module, however it still got me thinking and sweeting. So I thought I’ll share the pain 🙂

Main issue (or super cool feature) with modules is that most of the config.xml errors die peacefully, meaning you see no meaningful error description on page. You either see stuff like “Access denied” or you see blank page or you see god know what.

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Magento official documentation download

We were among a few of the studios to receive the early release of the  Magento documentation before it’s official release date.

We broke the embargo ’cause we just didn’t have the heart to keep it to our selves, we all now how painful it is to work without it.

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Latest News in Magento

You would like to have a eCommerce power of Magento, but also have a blog to empower your business? In this case, you probably know that Magento doesn’t have some article manager in the box. Many clients seek for supplementary solution like WordPress to accomplish this goal. Ok, so you created a blog on same or different domain and you would like those articles to appear somewhere in Magento (probably sidebar). This article will explain how to do it.

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Building a wordpress theme without the heavy lifting (Part I)

This article will cover the converting of a static web site design into WordPress without, as the title says, lifting heavy loads.

Is it possible? Well yes, if you’ve got the moves, the tools and know what you’re doing and you have Branko, Ivan and Tomislav at your side to help when you get stuck in that coding jungle :p.

This article is targeting wordpress users that are comfortable with HTML&CSS and have a need to convert their static sites into a dynamic CMS.

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23+ Ways to Promote Your Website for Free

There is actually no such thing as free website promotion unless you are really lucky. You always have to invest at least some time and effort, and as we all know time equals money which means no promotion is actually free.

However, if you are looking into ways to promote your website online while not spending any money, here are some ways you can do it. Most of these are generally well known but you might find something new and useful.

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Drupal to Magento integration, simple link tweak with multilingual site

I see my coworker and friend Željko Prša made a nice little post on Adding a new language in Magento so I figure I’ll jump with a little Drupal to Magento integration trick concerning link issues and multilingual sites. Here is a piece of code you can use in your Drupal templates to do the proper switching from Drupal site to Magento while keeping the selected language of site. Note, this tweak assumes you have the desired language setup on both Drupal and Magento side.

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