WordPress and Magento integration – One way to go

Lot of us in Magento related development have an issue of connecting their Magento with other CMS solutions out there. Lot of our clients like and want WordPress alongside Magento. WordPress is a great platform when it comes to publishing and managing articles. Not to mention the SEO stuff. One of the biggest issue with integrating two systems in PHP is the lack of the namespaces. This leads to function name redeclaration issues and so on. Integrating something into something is such a loosely term, depending on level of integrations… If you ask me 🙂

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WordPress FirePHP plugin

While tracing some code in WordPress i got tired of var_dumps, so i quickly coded FirePHP plugin. All it does is include FirePHP and forces WordPress to load it before other plugins, so that you can use it in plugin development.

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Custom Transactional Emails

Since transactional emails are very important for the process of online shopping you need to have them set up just the you want them and the default templates just don’t cut it. You need your own logo, email data and custom verbiage to be consistent with the image of your company.

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TeraFlex PLUS, another Magento + WordPress duo

After we launched TeraFlex Suspensions website few months ago, we created a new similar website for Teraflex PLUS. Although the name is similar, this is not the same company. The primary goal of this site is to help Jeep owners to upgrade their pets with parts and accessories for any type of adventure. The secondary goal is to create a Jeep enthusiast community in Utah, USA and surroundings. The site is powered by WordPress and Magento combination.

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Affiliates for all – Magento integration

Recently one of our clients needed and info on Affiliate module for Magento. When it comes to Magento, word “module” is loosely related. Sure, every module needs config files in order to report it’s “connection” to Magento core. Modules like this, Affiliates for all, are modules I consider loosely related to core. They are in one or another way connected to Magento but they are self standing, independent, applications.

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Launching application via URL scheme

Here I will try to explain how to make your application launch another application on the system. There will be a minimal code written for these feature like everything else in Objective C and Cocoa Touch framework. Application that have support for URL’s can be launched with a call to the UIApplication’s openURL:.

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MoSCoW Prioritization

Every project needs to be planned and successful planning is half of the work. One scope of planning process is the prioritisation of the requested features. Sometimes the clients ask us if it is possible to develop some request of theirs. Of course it is possible, it is just a matter of time and budget. When the client has many feature requests and many ideas for its project, it is important to include prioritization in planning process. One of the good methods is to use a set of words that have meaning such as the MoSCoW method. This method can require that clients make some hard choices.

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6 Things to Avoid When Hiring an SEO

I personally believe in Google’s good old “Do no evil!” and that’s why I’m writing this blog post about a few tricks some marketers use to sell you SEO services that don’t work.

Never hire an SEO consultant or buy SEO services from company that offers:

1. Massive Search Engine Submission. There is no need for submitting a website to search engines in today’s modern web 2.0 world. The search engines will find your website really fast if you have any good backlinks pointing to your website.

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Selling on eBay vs. running a web store

People tend to ask this question a lot. Should I sell on eBay or should I open my own web store. There is no ultimate answer to this question and it really depends on many different factors such as your budget, your niche, the amount of time you have, number of different products and so on.

This is the list of things that might help you make up your mind on what’s the best way to go for you.

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File upload in Magento

Whan of the most enticipated and needed things in Magento is File upload Custom Option. As discussed last year at Magento Forum, it is not completed nor tested.

Now, Magento already have frontend and admin part of file upload option implemented in themes. Since backend part is still missing, understand that this still doesn’t work, however, if you’re interested how it looks, read on ..

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Show Magento products by month and year

For the last two days, I have been working on a “gallery like” approach to Magento. One of stores we are developing requires it. Below is a code that lists moths, from January to December, showing number of products for each month. You can reuse function to list products for any given month. Just extract the code from within the function and place it inside some foreach loop and deal with product object. This way you can have one block listing months with appropriately generated links and clicking that link leads you to another page that loads products for given month and year.

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