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How the Grinch stole my backup?

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve participated in quite a few discussions regarding version control systems. I’ve noticed that not so many people rely on good old “copy – paste” backup. I still do, and this is why!

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Dynamic grids anyone?

For my second 🙂 article I’m again writing about Ext.js. Ext.js has one great part for showing data – grids. These look really nice and you can style them pretty easily. It all works like a charm when you’re using them for static data. But what when things get dynamic? What when you don’t know the number of the headers that you need in the table and not just rows? Here’s where this article will help.

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The principles of SOLID programming

Hello there! Today I’ll be explaining The principles of SOLID programming. When I first got serious about OOP, I jumped to design patterns, but then I realized that everyone need a good grasp of the SOLID principles before you’re ready to tackle Design Patterns – in more of an Architect role – that is. So, to conclude this short introduction, I’ll try to explain this in as low-level of knowledge as possible.

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A tale of Twitter Goodies

Hello everyone! I decided that I’ll share some information on topic of Twitter implementation to a website. At the moment, Twitter offers three official “Goodies”, and we’ll go through them. Since it’s pretty straightforward, let’s begin. 😀

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Simple Android JSON parsing example with output into ListActivity

One of my planned projects in the upcoming 2011 is the Magento – Android application. I already did a fair part on the Android side, plus I started the Magento Mapy extension few weeks ago. Due to my recent one month vacation I was “off the grid” when it comes to my free time work so all my stuff were in a “pause mode”.

Besides my playing around with Android and XML-RPC, here is a simple JSON parsing example that might get you started with more serious things.

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