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Inchoo Flickr Gallery Magento Extension

© By Wholtone (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Inchoo Flick Gallery is an easy-to-use Magento extension that will integrate any Flickr gallery into your Magento website. It is fully customizable using a simple Magento back-end configuration page and it uses Flickr API to get all the required information and data. Extension is tested on Magento 1.6 and 1.7 but it’s still the first version so be careful if you decide to use it on your live site.

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Marketing by sharing


Inchoo blog is very popular within Magento community. We get feedback from a lot of people who are interested in Magento or are Magento developers saying our blog is a very useful learning tool for them. Although it is very natural for us to share our knowledge, we noticed there are not a lot of companies that feel free enough to do so. For us, it is important to share with Magento community what we’ve learned as it can help others with their work and also be very helpful for us to get feedback so we deliver better solutions to our clients.

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What’s your Super Bowl game plan?

As Giants and Patriots get ready for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis this weekend, so do 100 million viewers in US alone. Many of them will show up not for the biggest single game in US sports, but another thing it represents – the advertising industry day of the year.

While Super Bowl clearly caters to the masses, are there similar events you can use to reach your specific target audiences? What is the Super Bowl of your niche market and how do you prepare for the game day?

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Utilizing Magento Power within Facebook

We bring you a short article on a new platform that actually enables you to use Magento within Facebook – we’ve been in touch with the Sortal team, the brains behind this, and what they have to present is very exciting – we’re still checking it out in detail, but we wanted to give them a chance to present their platform in a guest blog post to everyone following Inchoo as it looks very promising. So, make sure to read on… 

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Creating your own web shop – Part 1: Where to start

Creating your own web shop can be a tedious task, both technically and time consuming. Not to mention there are tens of quality PHP based web shop systems out there available for free. One of the best if you ask me is Magento, which exceeds the term web shop system by even bigger term “platform”. However, regardless of how some much a given system/platform is feature rich there are always those special clients with special requests which exceed the possibilities of even the mightiest eCommerce systems/platforms out there.

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Customer reviews and their influence on conversion rate and search engine CTR

Customer’s reviews are a powerful tool that strongly affect your online store’s conversion rates and – if implemented properly – click through rates in your SERPs. This article will cover just how much do they affect it in numbers and point out some of the best practices in acquiring these reviews and implementing them properly into your store.

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mCommerce – Consumers are ready, industry is not

mCommerce (mobile commerce) is here to stay and due to the recently published researches, we have data to back it up and predict the growth. The only problem is, consumers seem to be accepting the change much faster than the industry is. Since both mCommerce and eCommerce are growing sectors, we know they will continue to coexist, however, eCommerce industry seems to be not very agile when it comes to upgrading their solutions to fit the small screens.

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