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Inchoo invites you to OMGcommerce 2014.


Dear visitors, Inchoo would like to invite you to Southeastern Europe’s Biggest Ecommerce Conference – OMGcommerce. Book the date April 25th, 2014 – Kras AUDITORIUM, Zagreb, Croatia and join over …


Meet Magento Spain 2014 – a review by Inchoo

Meet Magento Spain 2014

The first in a row of Meet Magento events in 2014, took place in the beautiful city of Madrid with over 300 attendees from so many countries all over the …


Finally, a design team!

Design team at Inchoo

On February 10, 2014, we hired Marko Brisevac, web designer and entrepreneur who joined Dino Balen in forming a design team at Inchoo. This was a new milestone for the …


Sellvana Quick Preview


Last days we witnessed many announcements and talks regarding Sellvana, new open source eCommerce platform. The people behind Sellvana are respectable names in e-commerce community, like its co-founder Boris Gurvich …


Magento in fashion industry, Magento frontend optimization for mobile performance – that’s Inchoo at Meet Magento Poland

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.33.13 PM

Meet Inchoo at Meet Magento Poland! Reserve 4-5 November 2013 to hear what Tomislav Bilic, Inchoo’s CEO has to say about Magento in fashion industry and Hrvoje Jurisic, Inchoo’s Certified …


Managing a Magento store is like parenting – 5 troubleshooting tips

Managing a Magento store is like parenting – 5 troubleshooting tips

pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo

The other day while we were trying to put our son to sleep, I couldn’t help but find several similarities between taking care of your babies and running your Magento …


Magento, barbecue, archery and ATV driving – Inchoo Learning Day 6


Mix of Magento, Redis, Solr, OOP Design, barbecue, ATV driving, archery and geocaching is a short description of 6th Inchoo Learning Day (ILD).


The Geek Gathering in Osijek – truly becoming a software city


The Geek Gathering Conference should change it’s name to Geek Paradise Conference! Why? Let’s explain. Croatian city of Osijek was filled with geeks from our region during the weekend of …


Inchoo Visual Identity Redesign

Inchoo Visual Idenity v3

I can’t believe one year already passed since the time we contacted MIT design studio to help us in visual identity redesign process. I believe some of you noticed a …


The Inchooers – Future friendly


Making sure that websites these days display correctly across all devices is hard work. But, we didn’t think we will need to optimise them even for refrigerators? Are you ready …