Life at Inchoo

Magento Darwin Awards contest

This is a guest post, originally published by Philippe Humeau which he was kind enough to translate to English and allow us to publish it here. I found this post awesome and really wanted it to be shared with much broader audience in English language.

NBS System is a managed hosting company working mainly on Magento so they have a lot of Magento hosted to put it short (~200 sites). They also maintain a blog regarding Magento optimization and this is a translated post from it (Wikigento)

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2 years of Inchoo, 1 year of Magento Enterprise Edition

Last Friday, Inchoo team celebrated two years of our company and one year of Magento Enterprise Edition. We prepared a traditional meal that’s often cooked for such events called cobanac. We give you a behind the scenes video, so that you can feel some of the fun we had.

To all of our community and clients, thank you for sticking with us for these long two years of Magento design and development and lets hope for many more to come. For the Varien team, congratulations on one year of excellent product and lets look forward to the future releases!

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Report from Web::Strategy 7

Tomislav Bilic will opened the 7th edition of the Web Conference: Strategy in Zagreb, Croatia on March 18, 2010. Web Conference: Strategy 7 – “Good developer spirit” includes educational lectures, directly and indirectly related to the web development thematic by lecturers who will educate participants on how to improve their knowledge and working environment in their company. The conference was divided into development and technological topics and there was also the word on access to web development of experienced web professionals who will reveal some of their small business secrets. At the Web::Strategy conference Tomislav held the lecture “Don’t be a ghost (spirit)! Be a giraffe!

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The Inchooers – Magento developer’s job interview

Hello guys. Here is the first episode of the new comic series “The inchooers” that we will try to update once or twice a month. The goal is to bring some fun happenings from everyday work life with our Magento and iPhone developers. We hope you will like it! Credit for this text goes to Toni Anicic. P.S. If you’re reading this through RSS reader, you can’t see the image, so you’ll have to visit our site.

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Is it time for the 1st Croatian eCommerce client?

As some of you may know, our team is located in lovely small country called Croatia (it is in Europe). Our mission is to create a microbrand for  eCommerce development services. Since we were using Magento as a platform of choice, we ended up creating a microbrand for a Magento development services. On the long run, our goal is to be recognized in eCommerce community and not just Magento’s. There is a long way to go to achieve this, but here we are: working in the international world, with clients all over the globe. From US ones, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, France, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong. Only one Croatian client hired us for iPhone development services. Is it time for first Croatian eCommerce client?

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