Online Marketing

SEO for Bing

As the new search engine rolled out, went through the initial hype period and survived it taking a significant amount of search industry share, questions about bing SEO started to rise.

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Forums and Social Media Marketing

For the past few days there has been some open discussions around the web professional communities about the role of forums in modern internet marketing. It appears that new marketers strongly underestimate the power of forums and look at them as an old marketing tool that will soon be extinct.

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23+ Ways to Promote Your Website for Free

There is actually no such thing as free website promotion unless you are really lucky. You always have to invest at least some time and effort, and as we all know time equals money which means no promotion is actually free.

However, if you are looking into ways to promote your website online while not spending any money, here are some ways you can do it. Most of these are generally well known but you might find something new and useful.

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Google’s Interest Based Ads – Behavioral Targeting

Google is launching it’s Interest Based Ads into beta. These ads are a form of behavioral targeting ads and are being tested by limited number of selected advertisers.  At Google, they strive to serve as relevant ads as possible to the users of Internet and that’s why contextual advertising is not enough anymore. They decided to take it one step further beyond and step into the world of behavioral targeting.

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How to buy add space on popular US blogs?

If you are into internet advertising you probably already considered or already tried out advertising on some popular or targeted blogs. Blogs can be valuable traffic generators however in most cases you will see that conversion rates and click through rates of advertising on blogs will be much worse and more expensive then advertising on search engine’s search results (Google AdWords and similar).

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How to use rel canonical element (tag)?

Matt Cuts from Google made a great new video explaining how to properly use rel canonical. One of the most often questions was what is rel canonical, is it a meta tag? Matt Cuts explains that it’s easy to confuse it with meat tag as it’s included inside the website where meta tags are usually placed, however since it’s actually a link element it should be called an element, not a tag.

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6 Things to Avoid When Hiring an SEO

I personally believe in Google’s good old “Do no evil!” and that’s why I’m writing this blog post about a few tricks some marketers use to sell you SEO services that don’t work.

Never hire an SEO consultant or buy SEO services from company that offers:

1. Massive Search Engine Submission. There is no need for submitting a website to search engines in today’s modern web 2.0 world. The search engines will find your website really fast if you have any good backlinks pointing to your website.

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