From PHP to Android, the simple foreach loop example

Switching from one programming language to another usually means checking up on few basic things and trying to replicate code functionality from one language to another. For those of you in the PHP world like me that are trying to start the Android development here is a brief look on how foreach loop can be done in Android (Java).

 * PHP version
 * $item = array('group'=>'customer', 'pass'=>'mypass123', 'email'=>'');
 * $item2 = array('group'=>'admin', 'pass'=>'mypass345', 'email'=>'');
 * list = array($item, $item2);
ArrayList<hashmap <String, String>> list = new ArrayList</hashmap><hashmap <String, String>>();
HashMap<string , String> item = new HashMap</string><string , String>();
HashMap</string><string , String> item2 = new HashMap</string><string , String>();
item.put("group", "customer");
item.put("pass", "mypass123");
item.put("email", "");
item2.put("group", "admin");
item2.put("pass", "mypass345");
item2.put("email", "");     
 * PHP version
 * foreach($list as $hashMapItem) {
 * 		var_dump($hashMapItem['email']);
 * 		var_dump($hashMapItem['group']);
 * 		var_dump($hashMapItem['pass']); 
 * }
for(HashMap</string><string , String> hashMapItem : list) {
	Log.d("MY_DEBUG_STUFF_EMAIL", hashMapItem.get("email"));
	Log.d("MY_DEBUG_STUFF_GROUP", hashMapItem.get("group"));
	Log.d("MY_DEBUG_STUFF_PASS", hashMapItem.get("pass"));

Short but hopefully helpful.

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