1. The above code isn’t working for me, its always showing ‘Bad Credentials’ with exosting user name…why?

  2. Hi Martin,

    How you solved the above problem of The Doctrine repository “Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository” must implement UserProviderInterface.
    Can you please show any example

  3. Can you help me the view of this login, please? Can I download full package of this? Thanks much.

  4. I am not sure if this is ok. but the root cause of the issue rely on $userProvider in DaoAuthenticationProvider (Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\Provider)

    when constructing the UserProviderInterface object is Symfony\Bridge\Doctrine\Security\User\EntityUserProvider (not UserProvider) I am not fully sure if this is correct or not. the thing is in the mefhod retrieveUser an exception is thrown by

    $user = $this->userProvider->loadUserByUsername($username);

    so the custom provider seems not to be instantiated correctly. 🙁

    Hope this can guide to help me on my issue


  5. Hey,

    I have done all stpes but when I remove the property: username from provider definition I get this error:

    The Doctrine repository “Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository” must implement UserProviderInterface.

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