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In November (2009) a 3D online store called Trillenium will hit the web. It caries the tagline “Shop & Socialize”.

Over 90 different companies will be located in this virtual 3D mall that will be accessible via simple internet browser. The mall will be similar to the modern MMORPGs. Just like playing a 3D online game, shoppers will walk through the mall and explore different stores. Stores will have real people on the other side communicating with the customers as shopkeepers.

Other then being a 3D virtual marketplace, it will act like any ecommerce solution, where visitors will be able to buy products using their credit cards. Prepaid “cards” will also be available for those skeptical about online shopping security.

This new 3D mall will not only feature shops but also bars where visitors will be able to relax and chat. Visitors will be able to interact with each other and shopkeepers via text chat. Voice chat is on a to-do list and is expected to be implemented pretty soon.

Behind a project stands € 1 million funding and a famous Croatian angel investor Hrvoje Prpic. The project will first be lunched in Croatia but is expected to go international eventually.

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  1. Awesome … 3D Walk-Thru Commerce is the Way2Go!

    We are working on similar thing .. Link to our concept 3D-Store Interior of an virtual furniture showroom (Work-in-progress) : http://goo.gl/TOVuPi

  2. The concept itself is nothing new. If you see applications like Second Life and Playstation’s Home they already do all this.

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