Facebook status updates – when time means money!

Having a Facebook fanpage with a relatively large number of followers can be a good starting point for building-up brand awareness, but for e-commerce websites it  is more important to convert those followers to customers. Depending on the niche you are in sometimes conversion comes as natural outcome, but sometimes that additional push is needed.

As that “push” can come in many variations, we’ll focus on the one that seems obvious, but is sometimes neglected by the store and Facebook fanpage owners: being first with the news!


In most life situations it’s good to be first!  Sometimes it’s very good to be first! But for store owners on the Facebook being first  is beyond feeling of satisfaction for being first. Sometimes it can mean a huge difference in e-commerce performance results.


Our last case shows an increase in daily e-commerce performance by 122% above usual daily average, and all that thanks to ONE status update on Facebook fanpage. That particular status update had the privilege to be the first information about the product specific to a niche. Status update links to an information rich product page.  Being first in a niche means having a huge viral factor. Tens of Facebook users shared that particular update – probably to a lot more peers interested in a product. And all that because that was the first information about the product they were interested in.


Of course, as that status popularity fades e-commerce performance goes down as well, but  the point to which the performance averages is usually a bit higher than it was before the spike.


So, if you are in position to spread the initial word about the product – don’t hesitate, don’t calculate, don’t wait! Put it in you catalog, put the information on your fanpage, encourage users to  spread YOUR word…

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