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Vedran Sola

Ex Inchooer

Vedran worked at Inchoo as a Backend Developer from December 2012 to April 2014

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  1. A while ago we made an OpenSource module that does the same :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, you can also find this feature available on community extension called ‘Frontend Links Manager’:

    Even you can turn off the footer/top links easily from system configuration.

    Happy E-Commerce!

  3. Tim

    This functionality was added to the core during the recent Hackathon in Zurich and will be available with next Magento release (which will most likely happen at Imagine).

  4. elvin

    I would also add there isset() test before unsetting that – just in case

  5. Milen Petrov

    Are you sure this is the right way to achieve this? I do not. Why we need to override/extend Magento’s blocks when we can use event-observer architecture to get the same result without touching any core class or conflicting with any third party module which also uses it (even it is bad)?

  6. Prasad

    H all,

    Is there any chance to dispaly link based on customer group?

    please reply..!

  7. Yagnesh

    How to set order for my custom link

  8. Hii Sola, Good post

    how to change the label name for example I need to change “Account Dashboard” to “Dashbord”. How it posiible..?

    Please help me .. please mail the solution

    Thanking you in advance

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