Ninja post slips through the blog unnoticed once again

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Very few of you know about our Project Manager Ivan Lozancic. There is a good reason for this. And truthfully speaking I could get in a pretty big trouble for posting this but I’ll give it a shot.

The reason why none of you read any of Ivan Lozancic’s posts is this:
He writes post like a ninja, you can’t even possibly begin to imagine finding them and further more reading them because they are all his Ninja posts – Invisible, perfected and a bit of a legend among Inchoo’s blog writing force.

When he first started writing his shinobi-style posts we where all worrying about how will the readers find them let alone read them when this mercenary could never allow to reveal any of his presence on the blog.

After a long debate and amazement at his art of “Ninja post” we’ve decided to abandon all hope to ever find any of those flawlessly executed verbal moves that cut deep into the very core of our daily work.

Untill the day comes when he rests his sword and decides that it is now time to appear among the rest of us without being forced to follow the Ninja code he swore upon many years ago, we’ll keep on hoping that we’ll catch a glimpse of his shinobi writing skills even if it means that we’ll endanger our lives looking at his famous “Ninja posts”.

In the mean time I’ve come across this news site which caught my attention since they are the only ones that have recorded the presence of a ninja on a “Ninja Parade”.

Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again


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Zeljko Prsa

Ex. Inchooer

Zeljko worked at Inchoo from 2008. to 2012. as a frontend developer.

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  1. While I watched this video, I couldn’t stop imagining Croatian football team in World Cup in South Africa.

  2. Toni Anicic

    @Tomislav: LoL

    @Zeljko: I congratulate you on your extreme bravery in posting this piece of information, knowing that your life will be endangered.

  3. Ivan Lozancic

    [there was a comment here, but it disappeared]

  4. I love onion news network, the only news I ever watch. They did justice to ninja parade! :)


    HEHE D

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