Meet with Inchoo at Magento Imagine 2014!

Meet with Inchoo at Imagine

1,700+ merchants, partners, developers, digital industry experts and open source enthusiasts from more than 35 countries are hitting off to Las Vegas for three days of networking, collaboration and cutting-edge sessions between May 12th and 14th. What brings them together? Magento Imagine, of course!

Meet there with our three InchooersTomislav (CEO), Ivan (Technical Educator and Consultant) and Maja (Communication Officer) and talk about business opportunities or just have a casual chat. Feel free to contact us on our Twitter accounts –¬†@tomislavbilic, @ivanweiler, @the_maja or drop us a message through our contact form.

Ivan, Maja and Tomislav

Ivan, Maja and Tomislav

We are eager to meet new and some familiar faces of the great Magento community! Viva Las Vegas!

Maja Kardum

- Communication Officer

Marketing, PR, Social and Digital professional at work. Food lover and series junkie after work.

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