Ultimate PWNAGE in Wii games

Tomas Novoselic, our magento developer is having a birthday so we decided to play some Wii games. I recorded the event for your pleasure. Not only that we pwn in Magento development but we also pwn in looking funny while playing Wii. Music in this video is free, it can be found here. I used the song called The time isn’t right.

The video starts slowly but when the best part comes, you’ll know it, it’s hilarious!

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  1. Hey, I remember a comment by your boss when you installed this TV set… I think he said something like “This TV will be used mainly for internal education, not Playstation or something” 🙂 … I guess “mainly” was the key.

    Yeah you guessed right, I envy you 😉
    Happy holidays guys!

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