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  1. Hi, i always use this module in my projects. that’s very useful. I would like to install it with composer. Are there a repository? can i sent you a pull request or can I fork the module? tnx! Irene

  2. Hii Sola, Good post

    how to change the label name for example I need to change “Account Dashboard” to “Dashbord”. How it posiible..?

    Please help me .. please mail the solution

    Thanking you in advance

    1. hi sibin,
      open this file :
      app\design\frontend\base\default\template\customer\account\dashboard.phtml or

      find this :

      __(‘Account Dashboard’) ?>

      (mine line 29)
      you can change Account Dashboard to Dashboard

  3. Are you sure this is the right way to achieve this? I do not. Why we need to override/extend Magento’s blocks when we can use event-observer architecture to get the same result without touching any core class or conflicting with any third party module which also uses it (even it is bad)?

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