NaviGate by MerchantPlus in Magento

Some merchants use NaviGate payment gateway from MerchatPlus because of the lesser costs than its big brother Interesting this about this payment gateway is its compatibility with So, if you need to enable it in Magento, you will not have to find someone who will have to write the module from scratch. You just need to use standard module, but with some modifications.

So, to use Navigate, you have to enable module. NaviGate is compatible with’s AIM Integration method. This means that any shopping cart or online store software that can connect to via this method can connect to NaviGate by following this steps:

  1. In the Magento Administration panel, go to Configuration> Payment Methods.
  2. Open the module and update the title as you see fit. Enter your NaviGate username and transaction key, which you generate under “Profile & Settings” in the NaviGate interface.
  3. Change the Gateway URL to:
  4. Enable Credit Card Verification, if you want to use the CVV code.
  5. Then, go to your source code and open the file: /app/code/core/Mage/Paygate/Model and find the string “setCardCodeResponseCode” . Change the line to:  ->setCardCodeResponseCode($r[38]);

Save the file and you should be good!

To assist your integration, MerchantPlus created the following developer tools (you will not need them in our case):

For more information on the connection API, see’s AIM documentation.

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  1. Can you explain set #5 more. “/app/code/core/Mage/Paygate/Model” is a folder not a file. What is the file name? Also, can you rewrite what changes should be made in quotation marks (“”) so that it is clear? I really appreciate it.

  2. For step #5 above, is it correct as typed or are them some quotation marks (“) missing in what the line should be changed to?

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