Norton Supply revamp – how laundry supplies got its new clothes

Some months ago we were approached by Bill Mark, CEO of a family run company for laundry supplies with a tradition of more than 60 years, to make website assessment which usually includes examination of site setup, code quality checkup together with SEO, UX analysis, etc.

Apart from a design that wasn’t eye candy nor nearly usable as it should, we’ve run into a lot of messy code, tons of commented out HTML chunks, cluttered menus with poor usability, poor SEO, and bad product attribution and setup plus checkout with an unpredictable outcome. Deeper analysis just proved expectations we had from the first glance.

Having a client with such tradition and commitment to work on one side, and chaotic website on the other, we felt that the final verdict had to include  a great amount of responsibility and strong arguments. After presentation and meeting with the client – there it was: start from scratch! 

Before the start we fixed all the pipes that needed urgent plumbing. Simultaneously with the plumbing we discussed and agreed with the client on future architecture of the website and product attribution, as it was a necessity for next steps – wireframing and design.

Manaus team (but located in Osijek, Croatia ;-)) led by Ivica Tadic and together with Zeljko PrsaSasa Brankovic and Vanja Devcic, was assigned to the project, with a help of our design partner Zorin Radovacevic who made light’n’slick design perfectly fit to this niche.

As was running on a soon-to-be-retired (at that time) Professional version of Magento, we suggested a move to Enterprise edition to keep the same level of functionality, especially reward points and full page cache.

Proper product attribution was mandatory due to client’s ERP integration using Lerryn_Ldtapi extension,  so extra time was spend in attribute definition, custom options and migration plan. For the sake of better UX and overall usability of the site – number of categories was reduced, keeping the number of products at optimal level.

But, there are some specific types of products (pads & covers), that come in large quantities where we had to utilize very good Amasty’s Products Part Finder extension which has proven (again) to be a good companion in this kind of scenarios and this type of products/data.

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