Google’s Interest Based Ads – Behavioral Targeting

Google is launching it’s Interest Based Ads into beta. These ads are a form of behavioral targeting ads and are being tested by limited number of selected advertisers.  At Google, they strive to serve as relevant ads as possible to the users of Internet and that’s why contextual advertising is not enough anymore. They decided to take it one step further beyond and step into the world of behavioral targeting.

The Interest Based advertising from advertisers point of view will be pretty simple to use. We will be able to choose any one of 30 main interest categories and specify any of over 600 subcategories.

When can we expect this feature in our AdWords accounts?

At this time, beta testers will be testing this on separate service, however, it is expected that during this year Google will integrate Interest Based targeting in to our AdWords accounts.

Where does the data for behavioral targeting come from?

The data comes from the user’s cookie. Google said they do not use the data from other Google services such as Gmail to create a behavior profile of a user. While relaying solely on cookies it can be pretty hard to determine behavior of a user (his interests), it is the most fair solution towards final ad consumers Google could think of. Users are also individually able to disable the ability of Google to show them behavioral ads.

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