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Do you use Facebook? If you do, we invite you to visit our newly created Facebook Page With the goal to gather the people who are interested in eCommerce or iPhone development, we created this one. Even in case you are not interested in these topics, you might be interested to know what is happening in our team. The goal of the page is to create a mini community of the people with similar interest. In case you are one of them, click on “BECOME A FAN” button and you’ll start following us.

We started to gather some fans today and at the time of this writing, there are 27 of them. In case you would like to be one of them, visit the link below and click on “Become a Fan” button on the top.

We are brainstorming what would be the best practice & use for this page, so in case you have some suggestions, those will be very welcomed.

Have a great Thanksgiving if you are in US and good day to the rest of the world.

Tomislav Bilic

- Founder and CEO

Tomislav is a founder and CEO at Inchoo. Enjoys traveling - especially quick getaways, traditional cuisine (from most cultures), good wine and strong rakija.

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