World’s Top One Million Domains Research (2010)

One year ago, I did a research on world’s most visited one million domains to see which TLDs are used the most. I did the same research today and compared results. Findings of this research are very interesting.

This is how it all looks like this year, compared to the last year:

  • com – 545 894 (was 578 717 last year)
  • net – 63 444 (was 66 783 last year)
  • org – 41 413 (was 48 253 last year)
  • info – 17 076 (was 14 647 last year)
  • biz – 3 773 (was 3 888 last year)
  • other – 328 400 (was 287 712 last year)

Compared to the last year’s research, we can clearly see that domains sorted in “other” are quickly becoming more important and they are taking over a share from all TLDs except .info, which actually grew in year-over-year share. These domains listed as “other” are mostly ccTLDs, such as or any other country specific domain.

For all of you who like fancy graphs, here is this year’s research in my favorite pie charts (click on image to enlarge it):

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  1. Nice post! .com is really dominant but other domains has also increased. I think that this is mainly because there are a lot of domain names in .com has been taken.

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