World’s Top One MILLION websites (Research)

Have you ever wondered what is the most used TLD (domain extension) among the websites that become popular? How many of world’s top million websites are .com, how many are .net? How many use other TLDs?

I downloaded Alexa’s top one million websites raw data and started analyzing it from a marketing perspective to draw some constructive conclusions.

As expected, DOT COMs are still kings of the world wide web dominating the top million list by more then half. Here are the results of research:

  • com – 578 717
  • net – 66 783
  • org – 48 253
  • info – 14 647
  • biz – 3 888
  • other – 287 712

For you visual guys, here are the graphs presenting this data:



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  1. Good info. Would you recommend to switch DOT COM into DOT GEO LOCALIZER like DOT US; DOT ES; etc; ? Would you think that could be more benefit in terms of marketing strategies?

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