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5 tips on managing Magento projects effectively

Managing any remotely custom eCommerce project, let alone those on Magento, can pose quite a challenge to merchants. Enter Magento Solution Partners – those caring companies that make sure all the pieces of a puzzle that is a Magento website fit together.

So, how do we do that?

Here is a quick overview of some of the key building blocks of a successful eCommerce project and five tips from our experience on managing Magento projects effectively.

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Are you coming to OMGcommerce 2015?

The conference, in the words of attendees, described as one of those “must attend” eCommerce conferences in region and as an event that “gathered some of the brightest minds of the industry”.

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Book Review – Mastering Magento Theme Design by Andrea Sacca

It is widely assumed that knowledge is power and that it has to be built upon every day. It takes a lot of time to put a person’s knowledge into a book. For the past few months I was looking for a new book in order to expand on my frontend knowledge.

Due to lack of free time I usually read only particular sections of some book or I surf the Internet if I need a specific piece of information.

Long story short, just at that time Andrea Sacca published his new book which covers one of my favorite topics – Creating responsive Magento theme. As one of the frontend developers at Inchoo, I had the opportunity to receive one of first copies of that book (and a copy for entire Inchoo). To return the favor to the author, we were asked to write a review of the book.

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One of the first Magento Certified Front End Developers in the World

We received a news few days ago that Vanja Devcic and Hrvoje Jurisic achieved the passing score and therefore have achieved the status of Magento Certified Front End Developers. It was a great news for us since they are one of the first in the world.

We were invited late January to participate in a certification beta testing session for Magento Front End Developers. We couldn’t just take the voucher to some testing centre as we normally do. Instead, we needed to go to a place called Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH – Munich.

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Osijek Software City

Hi folks. I was chatting yesterday with a guy from Slovenia. After a few introduction lines, he was surprised to find out that we are from Croatia – his neighbour country. According to his words, he was reading the website for many months, but never bothered to look where are we from. We are Inchoo, four-and-a-half years old company from Osijek, town with population of 100.000 at North-East of the country. Close to Hungary and Serbia. Besides very eventful history, we are nowadays getting recognised by strong software development community. Due to this reason, in 2012, several software companies started the initiative called Osijek Software City.

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Case Study from Australia: Clickable Automotive

I would like to share with the community another Magento Case and a fine example of collaboration between Clickable Automotive, Inchoo Australia and Inchoo Headquarters. This article also provides a good overview of how we approach a previously developed Magento store with the objective to establish a long-term relationship with our client and ensure satisfaction.

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Magento Lite experiment

No, it’s not April Fools’ Day, it’s November, no Inchoo pranks. We played with something new this time. You all heard that Magento is modular platform a hundred times. It just needs a little push sometimes, so we pushed it 🙂 First of all ..

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Inbound Marketing is not Instant Coffee

I’ve seen it lots of times… A company starts inbound marketing activities and after a few blog posts and status updates, they quit. Traditional marketers and non-power users of the internet have trouble understanding the concept of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing activity is not something you do once and you’re done with it, it’s an ongoing process.

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