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Packing bags for Imagine

There are only few hours left to pack the bags, drive to Budapest, than over Amsterdam and Portland arrive to the biggest Magento event of the year – Imagine conference in Las Vegas, USA. The conference was sold out months ago, but fortunately the arrival was planned before.

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What’s your Super Bowl game plan?

As Giants and Patriots get ready for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis this weekend, so do 100 million viewers in US alone. Many of them will show up not for the biggest single game in US sports, but another thing it represents – the advertising industry day of the year.

While Super Bowl clearly caters to the masses, are there similar events you can use to reach your specific target audiences? What is the Super Bowl of your niche market and how do you prepare for the game day?

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The relationship with Teraflex started 3 years ago by designing and developing their first online shop on Magento coupled with WordPress. It was a success for both since their “online business steadily increased” over the years and the community got a place to participate with their feedback and content.

That was in 2008 and we just started with Magento who just turned to version 1.0, adapting to the platform, gathering experience and consuming large amounts of coffee. Before than, they had a simple static website.

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Zend framework coding style standard

© by rodolfoclix/sxc

Hello again! Today I’ll discuss some of the basic coding rules if your’re using Zend framework (or even Magento, which is written over Zend framework). Some might think that this is an redundant topic, but I strongly disagree – if you work in a team.

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Goodbye Mallorca, time to get back to work

Well, all good things come to an end. We had some great time here on Mallorca, attending Magento Developers Paradise conference. It was really nice meeting all those people and hearing their Magento stories.

Most of the presentations were pretty interesting. I cannot speak for mine 🙂 -While at it, here is a link to my Clone Yourself presentation if some of you find it interesting.

Seems like interesting things are coming in Magento 2.0, so fasten your seat belts :).

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Is it time for the 1st Croatian eCommerce client?

As some of you may know, our team is located in lovely small country called Croatia (it is in Europe). Our mission is to create a microbrand for  eCommerce development services. Since we were using Magento as a platform of choice, we ended up creating a microbrand for a Magento development services. On the long run, our goal is to be recognized in eCommerce community and not just Magento’s. There is a long way to go to achieve this, but here we are: working in the international world, with clients all over the globe. From US ones, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, France, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong. Only one Croatian client hired us for iPhone development services. Is it time for first Croatian eCommerce client?

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Hrvoje Jurisic joins Inchoo

We have a new hire. Hrvoje Jurisic joined our team and is starting to meet the guys. He is a web and graphic designer from Vinkovci, Croatia, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science. With over six years of experience in design business, working as a print design professional in “C&D design” , Vinkovci and as a freelance web designer, he always strived to create functional design and web standards compliant web sites. Over the last few weeks he started with extensive Magento learning where he will play important role as a frontend developer in our team.

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Playing Real Time Strategy vs. Running an Online Store

You know those games when you start with something small and then you conquer the world? You begin with some small HQ and a harvester. Collecting resources and constructing some production buildings become first objective. Suddenly, while you watch your harvester how slowly gathers spice, an enemy shows up. The game gets a new dimension. You have to fight with a competition.

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