About the service

Magento Frontend Developer Training is designed for those interested in themes, layouts, templates and everything even vaguely connected with it. We know, you want your store to run smoothly but you also want it too look good. That’s why we’ve designed a training which will answer your questions. From applying a theme to how Magento templating system works, we got it covered.

Who is it for?

Your company is growing, you are getting more Magento Leads than ever, and your frontend developers are having a hard time understanding Magento layouts and frontend architecture? Yes, we know that they are familiar with HTML & CSS, but that’s not enough for this beast. Growing is about learning, so make sure your frontend developers are well trained. We have a training which is made for both beginners trying to understand the vast scope of Magento’s store frontend and the ones who already know something about it. No matter the questions or doubts, we’ve created the agenda which will answer your developers questions and help them get the idea of dealing with bigger projects, accounts and requirements.

What you’ll get?

Basic, on site training, includes the following content:

  • 1.Magento structure
  • 2.Magento themes
  • 3.Layouts, templates and blocks
  • 4.Javascript
  • 5.Pages, static blocks and widgets
  • 6.Transactional emails
  • 7.Translations
  • 8.Creating a custom theme from scratch

Agenda is created based on the questions the most seems to ask, but our Magento experts (people working with you will be Magento Certified Frontend Developers) will make sure to talk it through with you before deciding on the final version of it. What makes a huge difference is the fact that Magento Frontend Developer Training is prepared and delivered on site by people engaged in the process of tailoring it according to your needs.

Get in touch with us

To learn more about our hourly rates and the agenda you’d be listening to, request a quote by filling out the contact form in the right-hand column (or below this text if you’re reading this on your smartphone).