About the service

Magento Store Management Training program is created so that it gives you some new, added value, explaining something that you can’t read by yourself or learn through Magento training courses, helping you to solve the problems you come across. The idea is to teach you how to “think the way Magento does” so that you know not only to recognize the problem but also solve it.

Who is it for?

You feel that the service of your company would be better if your consultants knew a bit more about Magento store management? You think that you, as a merchant, would benefit from learning about managing the store on your own? It doesn’t matter are you a growing company who needs it’s developers and consultants trained or a merchant who simply wants to know how to run it’s business – if you ever felt that there is something you can’t quite grasp or understand and it’s Magento related, we have a training which can be the perfect foundation of navigating you into right direction.

What you’ll get?

You are unique. Your business is special. And since each merchant has his own specific story and training requirements (new to Magento or already has a Magento store, different levels of knowledge about Magento, etc.) it is hard to serve a generic training plan that could be applied to everyone’s needs (and we wouldn’t want to do that).
That is why we have one general outline of the training plan that covers all the main features of Magento system. On top of that, we offer various, much more focused workshops based on specific themes and your needs, you just need to tell us what they are. The idea is to provide you with a custom training on your site, directly to your employees, using real examples from your business.

Basic business cases include:

  • 1.You have a well-established business, sell nationwide but too many people have to support the business because you don’t have enough knowledge about Magento features.
  • 2.You are in the process of building your Magento store and need someone to train your employees for every day store management tasks (step by step).
  • 3.You have installed lots of extensions but are using only some features of the observed ones.
  • 4.You run your store on Magento Community edition and are thinking about upgrading to Magento Enterprise but aren’t sure whether this investment/upgrade is good for you or not.

Concepts like these are designed based on our previous experience but we want you to tell us your problems – talk to us and our Magento experts (everyone working with you will be a Magento Certified Solution Specialist) will tailor a plan and deliver a training according to your unique needs.

Get in touch with us

To learn more about our hourly rates and the agenda you’d be listening to, request a quote by filling out the contact form in the right-hand column (or below this text if you’re reading this on your smartphone).