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Andrija Glavas

Backend Developer

Andrija has a vast experience in technologies, what makes him perfect for the position of Backend Developer at Inchoo. He’s well versed in both simple and complex languages, but his language of choice is PHP, in which he has years of experience. If you ask him what would be his speciality, he would say: “tracing and debugging code”. But he also enjoys everything that involves security and payments. Looks like we’re the perfect match!

When his fingers wrote the first lines of code back in elementary school, he immediately fell in love with it. His affinity towards programming continued, and now he has a Master’s degree in Computer Science. With his college professor, Andrija developed a robot vision algorithm. Base idea for that project was to make a 3D vision space from multiple 2D pictures, so that robot can "see". He also created a facial detection and recognition application which can detect faces and recognize familiar ones - that work was even published in a scientific journal!

Andrija is addicted to traveling. He loves how his journeys put him in an adventure mindset, especially when he’s camping deep in the nature with his close friends. His weekends are reserved for mountain hiking, and on workdays, he stays active with running. He enjoys reading literature that is focused on improving life quality - such as healthy dieting, mental health, and self-improvement in every aspect.

Latest posts by Andrija Glavas

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