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Antun Matanovic

Backend Developer

Antun Matanovic

Antun loves working on large projects with complex architecture, where he’s always trying to figure out a better way to solve store’s technical problems for it to perform faster and be stable. He’s fluent in Java, but his main focus is PHP. As a Linux lover, he tends to write as many scripts as possible to automate daily repeated tasks. His approach is: if some task is repeating over time, takes too much time, is not an intellectual challenge, and is done routinely - then that process can be automated.

He has a Master’s degree in Information Science, and wants to continue his education to PhD one day. As a freelancer, he developed an app that is used by almost every student on University of Osijek Department of English Language and Literature. He also worked on developing very large software solutions and another app that connects industrial barcode scanners with ERP integration, which is used daily in our local factories.

Besides his love of code, Antun is also an adventurer who has visit to Mexican pyramids on his to-do list, because he finds the mysticism that surrounds them fascinating. His guilty pleasures are beer and movies, especially fun facts and related trivia about directors. Up until today, Antun wrote a few short stories and plans to write a novel one day. When he was little he wanted to become a professional theatre actor.

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