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Boris Kos

Project Manager

Boris Kos

Management and coordination of the overall eCommerce solution life cycle and cross-functional collaboration between departments, that’s what keeps Boris busy on a daily basis. It’s not an easy job to oversee every aspect of an online store while juggling with keeping things innovative and stable on the technical side, pursuing rise of profits for our clients on the other side, while creating online experiences that will delight consumers. But, Boris promised himself that he will always give 100% in making sure that Inchoo builds the best possible eCommerce solutions for our clients!

His previous work experience prepared him for the role of a Project Manager. In a huge telecommunication company, he needed to switch between different roles, where it was expected from him to take responsibility, make good judgments and also be a quick decision maker. And he did this for over a decade.

He has a few passions: old Sci-Fi novels, gardening, blockchain technology, and music. His personal goal is to finish his home studio where he can produce his own music. Adventure is in his blood. Once, he hopped on the train without knowing where he was going and ended up in Prague for a few days. :) When he was growing up, he wanted to be an inventor. Offer him extra spicy food, and you’ll win him over in a second!

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A few months ago, I’ve started working at Inchoo as a project manager.  This eCommerce company serves many different businesses worldwide through 10-year history and I was keen to know which project I will get first. While waiting, I’ve gotten to know my colleagues, learned about some of the key processes, tools and how to tweak the coffee machine. Initially, I expected I’ll have a clean start with a project, and that the whole process will have a linear learning curve for both me and the client. I was wrong. Continue reading

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