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Bruno Mitrovic

eCommerce Marketing Specialist

Bruno Mitrovic

One would say it’s odd to pursue a career as an eCommerce Consultant with a Master’s in Cultural Studies and Cultural Management, but Bruno is an example that those two fields complement each other exceptionally well. His interest in human psychology and different cultures come in handy when he’s setting up and optimizing high-quality paid campaigns for our clients. Other than that, Bruno is a specialist in keyword research and competitor analysis with additional interests in SEO, Analytics, and content management.

Before he joined Inchoo, Bruno worked on several projects with a Swiss-based company as an Online Marketing Associate. He was responsible for SEO activities, content management, Analytics, and community management combined with email marketing. All of that had a huge impact on client’s online visibility and increased their overall sales. Fun fact: he was also a video producer for online games walkthroughs.

Music holds a special place in Bruno’s heart and life. He has volunteered for many years as a journalist and web admin for a music and popular culture portal, that is growing to be one of the biggest music/pop culture portals in the whole region! He’s a kind soul that walks dogs from the local-dog shelter. Awww! Apart from cycling, nature/forest walks/hiking are his favourite stress-relief activities. Also, Bruno is a fan of strategy, historical, and RPG games.

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Implement search intent keywords for better eCommerce results

Behind every online search, there is a user’s intent – the information they are looking for, the product they want to buy or the service they want to use. If you are looking to improve the results of your eCommerce PPC and SEO efforts, you should create and optimize your content with your users’ and potential buyers’ search intent keywords.

To clarify, keyword intent represents one of the most important elements of SEO and paid search. This is why you should know how to properly identify it and make the best out of it.

Keep reading to learn how can you boost your traffic and sales with proper identification and implementation of intent-driven search keywords.

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