Posts by Drazen Karacic-Soljic

Mitigating Facebook’s “x-fb-http-engine: Liger” site hammering using Apache or nginx

Facebook is using a sort of web page prerendering mechanism in it’s in-app browser for mobile users [see disclosure here]. It is used by Facebook’s in-app browser to speed up page rendering for web link content shared on Facebook. But it can cause serious headaches, and this post should explain how to mitigate it with Apache or nginx.

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Heartbleed and Magento – how to fix!

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability recently discovered in the widely used OpenSSL cryptographic software library. Although OpenSSL is not directly used in Magento, it’s used on many web servers Magento is run on, providing support for secure (!) connections and transmission of sensitive data. In short – if your Magento website is properly configured, it’s very likely that your checkout process utilizes OpenSSL library at some point. Concerned?! You should be…

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Google Tag Manager – wrap-up and manage all your Google tags

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that  eliminates tedious code-editing tasks  for your website. The easy-to-use web  interface lets your marketing colleagues  add and update their own website tags—including javascript code snippets for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing and more. They can do it all without bothering you, leaving you time to relax and focus on other important work. – says Google Tag Manager promo material. 

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