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Drazen Karacic-Soljic

eCommerce Consultant & Data Analyst

Drazen Karacic-Soljic

Drazen Karacic is an eCommerce Consultant & Data Analyst at Inchoo working in our consulting team, where he’s monitoring key performance indicators of client’s online store, suggesting improvements and overviewing of key trends in the world of eCommerce to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Drazen worked in banking sector for almost 10 years. He started as Internet Banking Project Developer and through the years progressed to position of Business Technology Development Officer. Joining Inchoo in 2011, Drazen worked at different positions from Marketing Manager to Project Manager, what gave him the experience to see projects from different angles, what is of great advantage to eCommerce consultant.

When you ask him about his activities in spare time, his answer is: “What spare time?” As owner of – web site with news from Osijek and it’s region, Drazen is occupied with its managing, but always finds time for trying out new gadgets, exploring technologies or some outdoor activities like RC helicopters or hiking (depends what interest him at the moment). He spends more time riding bicycle than using his legs for walking.

Latest posts by Drazen Karacic-Soljic

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