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Dunja Vorkapić

Office Manager

Dunja Vorkapić

Planning and executing office procedures is a perfect job position for an organized and detail-oriented person as Dunja. While analyzing results and maintaining office efficiency, her desk is always in perfect order and drawers filled with interesting office supplies.

Like a true follower of self-learning and skill progression movement, she is constantly adding one new finished class on her Coursera account. With her degree from Faculty of Economics, it’s natural that most of her classes cover fields of entrepreneurship, psychology, and finances. But also - animals, especially dogs that she loves so much.

Her batteries are filled with enjoying diverse types of activities, as solving crosswords, stacking retro puzzles, reading Dan Brown books, playing volleyball or cooking her favorites, like tomato soup. She can eat homemade tomato soup every day, that’s how much she loves it! With her joyful personality, it’s no wonder Dunja can spend a whole day in the amusement park and forget the world around her.

Latest posts by Dunja Vorkapić

Office manager’s role at a software development company

When thinking about the ideal job, it is the one that allows you to use your talent the best way possible, where your virtues can come forward, and peculiarities aren’t considered weaknesses. You’ll know it’s worthwhile if you have the will to get up from your warm and cosy bed on a cold, dark Monday morning.

The office manager position at Inchoo gave me the opportunity to put some of my most prominent characteristics to use and take joy in doing so. Even though this position is not new in business world, many people don’t know what its real purpose is, what are the daily responsibilities, and what the position’s requirements and expectations are. Continue reading

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