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Hrvoje Jurisic

Lead Frontend Developer

Hrvoje is a Lead Frontend Developer and a Certified Frontend Magento Developer who is the squads lead anti IE crusader. But mostly, he is just mumbling into his beard or yanking out his hair. He says it helps.

He channeled some of his Magento development frustrations through our famous comic-strip: The Inchooers.

Before joining Inchoo, Hrvoje was doodling around and working at print design studio as a graphic designer. At the same time, he started growing IE frustrations while providing freelance web design and development services, specializing in WordPress themes development.

Hrvoje wanted to be comic illustrator or a famous football player whose matches we would be watching on TV and light up torches in stadiums when he scores, but he couldn't decide which are better- illustrated or football adventures. So he settle to have a “grown up job” at Inchoo, play football sidewards and satisfy his illustration needs drawing Inchooers. When not working, Hrvoje is enjoying interesting movies, good comic books or spending time with his son and daughter.

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