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Ivan Veres

Backend Developer

Ivan is a Backend Developer who took his time when it comes to realising his real call is programming. Even though he started out pretty early, back in high school, it wasn’t until 3 years ago that he truly dedicated his time to what he loves and knows the best - coding.

His adventures with programming include AutoCAD 3D Modelling project which got him the 4th place on state level. He also spent some of his time developing bots, listening to classes on computer science in Edunova and working as a CNC developer. Latest job description meant working as an airline technician intern where he, not to brag, flew in to work couple of times. Pretty cool, huh?

One day, he says, he’d like to go skydiving or paragliding - the higher, the better. Until that happens, you can catch him playing video games or drinking coffee in a local coffee shop. Oh, and don’t forget to join him over the weekend when he’ll put on a good barbecue near the lake!

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