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Lukas Scharmitzer

Backend Developer

Lukas Scharmitzer

From an early age, Lukas showed affinities to problem-solving and technology. That kind of naturally led his formal (and informal) education to the Computer Science field, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

When programming, he enjoys analyzing behind-the-scenes functionalities and architectural infrastructure to make online stores stable and tailored for our clients.

The size and complexity of Magento goes way beyond the simple programming knowledge, and that’s what drives Lukas to move forward every day and learn something new.

When it comes to his free time, Lukas is paying a lot of attention to staying active. Cycling, swimming, gym, you name it - as long as it’s fun and challenging! Just so you know, he would never refuse an invite to a good football match or a techno party. ;) What fascinates him the most are conspiracy theories. He has researched various fields, but his ultimate favorites are aliens and new world order. He would love to set foot on every ancient pyramid in the world!

Latest posts by Lukas Scharmitzer

How to save custom data in cache in Magento 2

Recently I was working on rendering images on a custom template. More precisely, I created a widget for inserting pictures that serve as a picture loader. And by default, the administrator has to input some parameters (width, height, alt) and if he decides, he could upload another image.

Reference for creating a widget tutorial could be seen here. The exciting part of the task was when the widget is saved on some of the Magento pages and loaded on i.e. ‘About Us’, image or images and parameter values have to be saved in the cache.

So when you visit ‘About Us’ another time, image content will be served instantly.

In this article, we’re going to save simple custom data inside the cache and load it when Magento renders the template. Continue reading

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