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Matej Zbiljski

eCommerce Marketing Specialist

Matej joined us after graduating from Faculty of Economics in Osijek where he specialized in Marketing and Business IT. Throughout his education, he made sure to go that extra mile in pursuit of knowledge. That’s how he decided to participate in Google Online Marketing Challenge where he was a team leader for a team which ended up being in the the top 5% of all teams in the world - congrats Matej!

Apart from working in ICG (Inchoo Consulting Group) where he’s taking care of our clients Google Adwords and Facebook advertising, Matej admits to be specially interested in Google Analytics and translating metrics into useful information.

You would never guess that what set him apart in the beginning was the fact we loved he has experience of working in an offline store! That’s what enables him, day in, day out, to recognize the needs of potential customers and adapt the ads accordingly!

Apart from his love for everything IT related, he is a big fan of football, beer, darts and Texas Holdem Poker so make sure to include one of those in the next hangout session with him.

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