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Nenad Andrakovic

Frontend Developer

Nenad is a Frontend Developer whose area of expertise includes working on great UX an performance with XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Coming to Inchoo, he started to analyze user psychology more and implement his knowledge when developing custom User Interface and providing pleasant User Experience. Since basically he’s a web designer, Nenad can do wonders with Photoshop, his eye for details never lets him down and that makes our clients very satisfied with his work.

Before Inchoo, Nenad was a freelancer who was ”working with everything” related to development, web design and WordPress. Behind him, there are more than 30 projects for Croatian and Slovenian companies. Along with his developing in Inchoo, Nenad is teaching Web design at Edunova, school for computer science and management.

In his free time, he’s dedicated viewer of SF movies and series who also enjoys watching a tense football match, especially if his favorite team - Manchester United plays. Nenad loves to try new cuisines, but pizza and coke are his No.1 choice. Don’t think it’s all about food, no. Nenad loves to be active, so he jogs to blow out steam. He trained kick boxing recreationally and enjoys combat sports and martial arts.

Latest posts by Nenad Andrakovic

How to display CMS block in Magento 2 Checkout

Working with CMS blocks was one of the reasons Magento was and is so popular. Using CMS blocks, site administrator can easily manipulate content of the store. CMS blocks can be used to display promotional banners, sale blocks, return policies, important information message on some sections of the store etc. CMS blocks can carry plain text or chunks of HTML/JS/CSS code which means they can be used for even more complex content delivery like sliders, product carousels etc.

I personally like to use CMS blocks whenever I can so that content of the store becomes more “modular” and easily manageable. Continue reading

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