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Stanislav Mihic

Frontend Developer

At Inchoo, Stanislav is specialized in Web and Frontend Development with technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, using agile practices. He is passionate about building websites correctly, following accessibility, ethics and best practices.

He won a few awards and recognitions. His favorite one is from Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARnet), where he won 3rd place for project with accent on Web accessibility and usability. Before joining Inchoo, Stanislav spent 4 years in Escape LTD, a local web development company.

Besides regular activities like biking, climbing or reading professional literature, Stanislav has a small online project called, where he collects free documentary films from web. He is also very interested in home automation.

Latest posts by Stanislav Mihic

Create a multi-language store in Magento 2 – Part 2

In the first post from this series, we’ve focused more on theory and technical background behind multi-language Magento2 store. Now, we’ll create Magento2 store with additional French language. First thing is to go to the administration and create a new store view. Before we proceed, please check documentation where is explained a difference between store view, store and website, old but still relevant, Continue reading

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