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Tomislav Nikcevski

Backend Developer

Tomislav Nikcevski

As a Backend Developer at Inchoo, Tomislav is skilled in PHP, SQL and JavaScript. He also knows Python, but considers it a “hobby”. Perseverance and will to acquire new knowledge in programming, shape him into a better developer every day.

Tomislav has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Previously he worked as a WordPress developer on projects for clients in a variety of industries.

When he’s not digging through the internet in search of new programming reading materials, Tomislav is playing basketball or blowing off steam cycling. If you’re looking for someone to cook you a nice traditional Croatian meal, look no further - he knows how to make good beans and sarma (cabbage rolls).

Latest posts by Tomislav Nikcevski

Using Zend for intensive data processing

Sometimes there are cases where a lot of data processing needs to be done and using Magento models and resources is either too slow or too intensive for your solution. This is when Zend framework on which Magento is built upon jumps in. Naturally, you can write raw php/mysql functionality for your needs, but if you want to keep your code clean and reusable, using Zend functionality is the way. Continue reading

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