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Valentina Batrac

Marketing Intern

Valentina Batrac

Due to her hard work during the summer in our office, Valentina became our Marketing Intern. She is finishing her graduate studies to get her Master's Degree in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek.

With her new position, she got the opportunity to dive deeper into data analytics. She is excited to continue learning and expanding her Google Analytics 4 knowledge as she finds the tool quite interesting. Another thing she's excited about is her role in content creation, which is her passion that dates back to when she was only 12 years old. She started her blog about fashion without a marketing strategy but having a lot of fun. With time, she learned the basics of Google Analytics, content creation, and email marketing. Then, a few years later, with more experience, she created a new self-hosted WordPress blog herself. Besides the blogs, she always loved creating social media content, styling and shooting photos, filming videos, and creating Canva graphics.

As you might notice, one thing Valentina loves and is all about is fashion. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved clothes and putting together outfits, even in kindergarten. Besides fashion, she loves doing at-home-pilates exercises and relaxing while drinking her first coffee of the day or meeting with a friend at a cafe for coffee and a chat.

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