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Optimize your online store for holiday season in 6 steps

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to prepare your online store for them. In this time of year, customers open their wallets and spend their money, so it’s crucial for every commerce business to make some kind of plan to take a ride in a train of opportunities this holiday season is bringing. In this article we will try to help your business to make a plan, so you can make good decisions on where to go and what to do next towards your business goals.

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Optimize your checkout process to stop losing customers

I often like to compare real world store examples and practices when I work on usability and conversion rate optimization for ecommerce sites. It’s the easiest way to understand why people act the way they do on your site, why they convert or abandon, why they do mistakes, what they don’t understand… When you have all the insights needed it will be easier for you to make assumptions and A/B test cases to start working on your CRO – conversion rate optimization.

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The shopping experience makes your customers loyal

We often have a favorite store where we like to buy our products. For instance I like to buy groceries, clothes, and certain electronics like laptops, gadgets and mobile phones in stores I trust and where I’m comfortable buying in. When I need some of those products, I know which stores are best for me and that makes me not to think about other stores at all…

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