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Zelimir Gusak

Sales Manager

As our Sales Manager, Zelimir has a strong focus on partnership program and leads nurturing. He shows special skills in discovering business opportunities while coming up with strategic approach to projects.

Before Inchoo, Zelimir worked in transaction banking industry, where he was in charge of databases and prepaid cards projects for SME sector. At one point, he worked as an Account Manager in telecommunications industry. He was also a Sales Representative for a luxury cosmetics company. All female members of his family still remember that period with a tear in their eye.

Kickboxing, MTB, rollerblading, squash - Zelimir loves the fact that those sports drain him physically, but recharge his mental batteries. He finds nothing more relaxing than a day spent in the woods riding his bike and afterwards spending quality time hanging out with his two daughters. He’s a big fan of street food, but always starts his day with a bowl of fruit. If you need a person to call for history trivia, for example, a political background on how and why some countries are formed, call Zelimir!

Latest posts by Zelimir Gusak

6 things to have in mind when accepting the project

As almost in every business, things in eCommerce tend to happen very fast. On a daily level, we need to analyze a lot of things, make a lot of decisions and decide on a bunch of models, approaches etc. Off course, some of those are small things which are a part of our daily routine. But some of those are rather big and tend to have a major effect on us, as well as on our company. I am talking about the projects which are the bread and butter of our business, and the focus of our work. More precisely, I am talking about our efforts to evaluate projects and decide whether to accept the project or not. Continue reading

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