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Zoran Salamun

Team Leader / Backend Developer

Zoran strives to do his best in everything he attempts. From joining our company, he says that he’s constantly learning and progressing in big eCommerce development projects, especially helpful are pro advices from our senior developers.

Everything he knows came from self-education, going through tutorials and code analysing. Before Inchoo, Zoran gain experience as a successful freelancer where, among others, he developed website search system for large world humanitarian organization and coding websites and APIs for large pizza chains restaurants in USA.

Zoran is one of those programmers who started coding because he likes to produce something of his own. Since he’s good in math, that was also one of drivers to programming. He likes to play PC games, but since he doesn’t know when to stop, it always ends up with deleting them. Favourite way to spend his free time: relaxing with his girlfriend Martina. Favourite pet: a squirrel.

Latest posts by Zoran Salamun

Symphony of PHP – Symfony 4

You have probably heard of PHP framework called Symfony, today I will share my and Inchoo’s experience with this great framework. You can basically do anything in Symfony, but the most important question you should ask yourself is: Should I use Symfony for my application? In order to help you answer the question, I will try to explain basic concepts, give my thoughts and share some experiences in eCommerce development. Continue reading

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