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Zrinka Antolovic

Event Manager

Zrinka Antolovic

A great deal of Zrinka’s professional time goes to attracting new talents at Inchoo through workshops, internships, and Inchoo’s collaboration with students and IT enthusiasts. She built a truly exceptional relationship with Croatian STEM colleges, and local IT community, which is recognized on many levels, including the new role she has taken on, as Secretary-General of Osijek Software City Association!

Together with our educators, mentors, and marketing and growth team, Zrinka is planning and executing conferences, in-house and external educations, and special client events. She can throw a party to remember, but usually nobody remembers the whole thing. Especially the morning after. :)

Running means the world to her! It clears her head, boosts her energy, and at the same time, keeps her calm. After a hard working week, she loves to pamper herself in wellness and spa centers. Her weekend nights are reserved for her girlfriends and dancing the night away!

Latest posts by Zrinka Antolovic

eCommerce Returns Management – a simple solution from the Fashion industry

Returns can be a major headache for eCommerce retailers. While in-store purchases don’t get returned so often, there are estimates that customers return up to 40% of goods bought online.

This is especially the case in the Fashion & Apparel industry. Online store customers can’t touch the product, hold it nor feel it during online shopping.

Some customers deliberately resort to the practice of over-ordering. This increases the quantity of returns and their negative environmental footprint.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic turned the online store into the only sales channel for many retailers, the problem with returns is more critical than ever.

In this blog post, we’ll demonstrate how one of our clients improved their returns management by developing a custom Returns Portal on the Magento platform. Continue reading

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