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Playing Real Time Strategy vs. Running an Online Store

You know those games when you start with something small and then you conquer the world? You begin with some small HQ and a harvester. Collecting resources and constructing some production buildings become first objective. Suddenly, while you watch your harvester how slowly gathers spice, an enemy shows up. The game gets a new dimension. You have to fight with a competition.

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Would you pay for professional developer articles?

Yesterday I came across an article that somewhere between the lines mentions the topic of subscribing to “professional” articles in certain field of interest. Reading it, got me thinking why and when would I pay for article subscription. Here are my thoughts and views. First lets define “professional”. At certain level articles can be of two types: “HowTo” and “My thoughts or overviews” type. To be honest, the more I am into the development, the more I like the second ones. Then there is the “credibility” of the author. Is he a PhD “talk only” person or practitioner without any significant official education but with extreme knowledge in his field. Personally I like the other one more. Not to say that “talk only” people are not important as well.

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